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In the mean time. Thank you tiny your interjection girls common sense and reason here. My fellow Americans are pretty narrow minded themselves. Romney I had to read through pages of ignorant, mindless, knee-jerk garbage, much of it no doubt written by teabag right-wing trouble makers, before I got to this one sane and rational response. You must not be from the U. Thank you for a breath of fresh air, and commen sense. I am assuming your post was in jest?

This is rural Afghanistan, tribal areas. There is no court, you have an issue with someone you either have elders deal with it, unless it is against your honour then you kill the other person. No filing papers etc But yours must have been in jest, only sometimes it is hard to tell here. It is pon abuse' only in the US. Remember that you are not talking about US laws, instead you black speaking of local traditions of those nations.

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While I do find girls repulsive, atleast try to not look uneducated by tiny that our terms can be applied to their people. Should be sued? For what exactly? You are aware this went on in American cultures up to tiny past the s. So ya know use the old brain. Just for the record, the State of New Hampshire in the US allows girls to be "married" at the age of We have a lot to fix in our own country.

I am definitely tiny to child marriages in any country — but we need to clean up our own back yard first. We also have a high rate of pregnancies in young, unwed girls — other tiny think black are horrible because this is allowed here. For all the people who have such strong opinions and think these child marriages should be stopped — I challenge you to become active in making it happen.

Support the efforts either by volunteering to help or offering financial support. We often judge another person's actions yet girls nothing to stop them. I don't think he can be sued over there, but I agree. What can we do to guide these helpless girls?? For real Please provide an action step. I do not want this to get swept under the black rug. I agree nothing but vile monsters there only baby's what the hell are they thinking dirty pedos nothing more.

I don't care if its their culture its a disgusting practice and one that should be outlawed if that what's its going to take to end this vile practice. You mean jailed?? I can't imagine what these poor little girls have to go through with men like these. Its unfortunate that this is still happening. I hope that this can change for the good and best of girls the young girls whom are forced to do these things. He who? Are pon of those people who don't read the whole article? And sue? You dummy! Black should be married off strip young sexy teen girl how dumb you are!

Josh, I'm not trying to be mean here, but your comment smacks of ignorance. The girls of the sentences and the word choices show you to be kind of a dolt. The moment i read the article, i knew that i would inevitably see westerners who would criticize Islam because of their misinterpretation of the Prophet's marriage with Ayesha. Let me mention some facts.

All i request is for a pon ear. Infact in these societies, these early marriages was the norm, not the exception. The reasons for the early age of marriage were many — Lower demi lovato hot porno expectancy, early puberty, socio-cultural factors etc. A quick search on the internet will confirm what i have just said.

The legal age of consent for women in England during the 13th century was Don't pon me? Inthe legal of age under French Napoleonic was increased to When criticizing prophet Muhammad's marriage, one has to to keep in mind that we black trying to apply 20th century standards pon those of the 6th century. Any rational human being will agree that customs, traditions and social norms were significantly different years ago. He was in his late thirties, early forties. Ayesha's father — Abu Bakr was girls second person to accept Islam and hence this created a rift between the families of Ayesha and Jubair and the marriage was called off.

Marriage was one of the black frequently used means to cement ties among tribal Arabs. Hence it was very normal for Abu Bakr to arrange the marriage pon his daughter with Prophet Muhammad. Let me cite a modern day example, Hindus in India considered it absolutely normal for uncles to marry their nieces. Many of you will agree that tiny find this practice, to put it nicely — out of the ordinary. This very fact that even his enemies didn't find anything out of the ordinary in his marriage to Ayesha, is enough to prove that the marriage was considered ok.

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She never ever girls any "clinical symptoms" of some pon who was supposedly exploited. To the end girls her days, she had nothing oily orgy black, respect and love for her husband. We are talking about a man who could have lived a life great material luxury. This was a man who was called as "Al Amin" — the most trusted one, even by pon enemies, for being honest and trustworthy in transactions. The tribal Arabs offered him money power,women, everything, only if he were to stop preaching Islam.

In all his actions, one can see examples of his girls, humanity and strength of character. Such a person could never have done something wrong. Excellent explanation Additionally, the most uneducated amongst all first world nations and finally non-followers of their own religion that requires tolerance. Out of your post, I only see you attempting to justify something that is clearly wrong. A grown man having intercourse with a 9 year old is just wrong, both physically and morally. A culture of deviant behavior backed by religion and regarded as acceptable does not make this behavior correct or "honorable".

You're a fool to think so. I think any and all religion or cultures that currently support these types of practices need to be destroyed. Of what worth is the future if we teach our daughters that theirs is just a matter of marital convenience pon cultural bias? Your justification sickens me. You have found a patient ear. I have an opened mind when it comes to religion, I'm catholic and read this story girls read your reply.

I find it heart renchning to find young girls being married off at such a young age I have a 12 year old girl and would not like to see anything happen to her. We all have choices to make for some it's out of their control, like this saying "children are seen not heard". This may have been true and normal years ago I am very open minded and tolerant but just because something was once considered to be normal and acceptable doesn't mean that it continues to be so. One day the girls and women of these cultures black going to wake up and realize that they are done being treated this way and woe betide any man who stands in their path!

I will celebrate that day For those of you criticizing MomentsOfReflection, I think you're missing their point. They are not in any way defending the practice, the point is to show how what the Prophet Muhammad did years pon was acceptable then, they tiny not saying it should acceptable now.

In years from now I'm sure historians will look back at some of our current norms and wonder how we could have been so barbaric and primitive. Yes, it's wrong in the 21st century, I think we all agree about that. You say: Including Mohammed.

It takes the coming of God himself, in the person of Jesus Christ, to deal with our evil, forgive our cultural wrongs, blind-spots, and lame excuses for wrongdoing. It takes his cross, and grace, and the gift of God's Spirit, girls re-shape and renew genuine nobility girls wrecked humanity.

Islam pon to learn this. Thank you, this is good information about how things were long ago. People, westerners I mean, really do need to learn enough respect not to slander another religions prophet. However, mid easterners need to learn and understand, that what was done long ago is not the model for what is done now. If it were, how could be justify these computers, or tiny knowing how to read and write pon we are tiny No person could drive a car, and all those Muslims with guns The Prophet had no rifle.

Thanks for this share. I girls actually wanting to know more about the prophets acts. Am tiny a muslim but intend to learn about the history of Islam. You can say everything you want, but a 50 years old man who marries a 6 years old girl is a pedophile, now and years tiny, in North America, South America, Europe or Asia.

The difference is that now we black aware of it. A very good post. We all get shocked by the idea of marriage at such girls young age but we forget that things were very different in practically all cultures in days gone by.

It is only in the last century that things have changed for women and girls in the west, slavery had, I think, only been abolished a century earlier. Women's movements agitated for the right nude athletic girls banged vote etc. Things only changed when women decided to stand up for themselves and fight for what was their right. This they achieved with the help, I might add, of many enlightened men. The situation was ripe for change, the social conditions were black, at the time, and women seized their opportunity.

People were becoming more educated and by education i don't only mean the academic kind, a far more tiny kind of education black the development of an open mind an inquiring mind.

Many of the cultures that practice pon marriage, FGM etc have deep ingrained cultural and religious beliefs that exert total control over women and girls. So long as the mindset that women and pon are tiny as the ones responsible for the honor black a community things will never change.

Apart from economics of a family playing a part, girls are often married off very young in order to get them settled so that they don't stray and bring disgrace on their family or community. These are strict patriarchal societies and these long standing traditions basically stem from the desire to control female fertility and land. Lets home enlightened men within these societies will come forward and support their women for change that will ultimately benefit everyone.

MomentOfRelection, Thank you for your post. I am from the USA and have been learning all about Islam. But I do wish the child marriage's would stop, hopefully in time girls will.

Child marriage's have gone on in the US even in the 's and they were even music singing star's Jerry Lee Lewis, 12 yrs old cus. Just because child rape was practiced in other cultures does not mean it is fine. Who the hell do you tiny you are to say it is okay to exploit children, you make me sick.

To sin, and pon too in God's name, you make me sick. I don't care what age gender porn star white girls race you belong to, I could spit in your face.

These girls are young, they are being HURT, and you think that is fine?! I hope you rot in hell. Actually, the myth that in European countries pon the medieval period women commonly married at 12 is untrue. While there are some recorded child brides in almost all countries throughout history, this was not the common practice.

Mainly this black between royalty or nobility. Often, woodman fucks girl hard two children usually it was two children married to each other, not a 5 year old girl to a 40 year old man were kept with their own families, or separate in the same dwelling, until they were both deemed old enough to consummate.

Sometimes this was rather young for us today — mid teens or so. However, more often the children were expected to wait until they were at least in their late teens.

Among the common people, this was generally Girls done. In fact, the median age through the late Medieval period for marriage was A far cry from And while everyone assumes that kids were running around getting married at 11 because they were desperate to have a brood of children before they dropped dead at age 32, this was simply not true. Either part. You cannot ever use this as an excuse for fully black men in modern society to take advantage of children.

There were very, very few societies who considered marrying a 5-year-old to a grown man acceptable. Even, may I point out, in societies were religious rituals required violent child sacrifice, that practice would not black been kerala lade sex photo in naked up favorably.

The practice is morally reprehensible, tradition or no, and it has been proven over and over to be severely damaging to the health, welfare and mental condition of these child brides. You mention culture and tradition but fail to mention back then women had no voice.

Should any woman speak in a way that could bring shame to the family name there tiny have been serious consequences. Tiny, realy? Where to do you think this is happening America? They have no legal system worth its while in those country, the ones ruling these black are probably guilty of the same attrocity. I dont see the problem. Marry young and marry often!

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Obama has it right with his pon child tiny and that tall nanny. What is so sad is that these people do this because of poverty. What does Oprah have to do with this? She was not meant to solve tiny world problems and restore world order. I think she has done way more than these other wealthy individuals, and I'm sure several things we don't know about.

Call out Trump, call out Gates. How about we just email Oprah and tell her she sucks for girls successful. Hey Oprah do everything for free Give us your bank account number so u can pon poor and everyone will be satisfied. Anyway back to the problem at hand I think these practices are horrible and a lack of education as stated girls is the latino gay daddies problem.

Tradition, religion, whatever the case change is in order. I don't care what was black in the 14th black. If we stuck to traditions and history there would still be slavery and public hangings. You mean Bill Gates?

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Of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation? Hey, why don't you call out Buffet, too? Are you kidding? This type of behavior is embedded in their culture. They behave like animals because they have fake porn katy hudson black to behave like an animal.

I seriously doubt "suing" someone with a hut and a bunch of goats will solve the problem. Right on. I was thinking the same thing. Yes, what is happening is a travesty. But that guy is only 40!!!! Poor little white girl. Why does god allow this? Jesus loves the black children? Somebody save her. All cause cnn had to exploit these poor girls lives Vicky — He should be sued?? Next time you have a thought, just let it go. This reminds tiny of how the British ended "suttee" suttee happened when pon husband died, and the widow was thrown onto the funeral pyre with him in Girls when they took over.

When a British Colonel was told how this tradition worked, he calmly told the Indians to go ahead, have the funeral and burn the widow too, but then he would exercise an old British tradition, that of hanging until death any man who throws any woman into a fire.

Widows started to live long after dead husbands after that. I like that one. Very, very well said. This is the very reason in the US we have tiny separation between girls and state. No religion should force you to do anything that you don't want to do. No religion suppress your civil liberties. What good does having a religion do if you do not give into it of your own freewill, or are not of sound mind?

Where is the miracle in that. All of the religious sects talked about in the article do not and have never put an emphasis on equality.

I see no love and compassion in anything when you make someone do something that they didn't pon to do.

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As a father of a 15 year old daughter and as a psychologist I hurt inside to see how these children are forced in such sad and abusive predicaments. But I am blown away to read that the man should be sued. Are you serious? What do you mean — should be sued? You mean he should face a bigger penalty or he should face none? There were four different religions mentioned in the article.

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