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You're going to destroy the world Raven. What's wrong is with her body? Trigon's demonic marks on her body SolGravionMegazord Hobbyist Artist.


I love her birthmark appearance. Kinggigasmon Hobbyist Traditional Artist. Those Skath tattoos give her an exotic look Nice shading and coloring. Oppai-Exedra Hobbyist General Artist. You know I kind'a like her better with long hair. Tag, your it. I'm under a different screenname too. And not only did you do this picture, you did a fantastic job on it! I love it! Aimlessshadow Featured By Owner Mar 23, Awesome pic!

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Is taht robin? Lol, sorry but that was mah fav.

Yes, im obsessed! I love how you made her look older, like she is looking at the furture she is to fulfill So just for the fact that Beast Boy hit on her nonstop on the show people call "that" a relationship. Blah I say! Those few scenes were Beast Boy and Raven were supposed to have a titans always south aunty sexy photo forced and was ruined by Beast Boy cracking a stupid joke at the end. I wish they explored the possible romantic art she had with Robin.

It would have been great to have someone who has suppressed their emotions for life to realize they might be in love all the while knowing that the person she is love with quite possibly loves someone else. Deviant would have been a nice little story arc for Raven birthmark through that emotional roller coaster only to be able to come out a teen person at the end even if she can't have Robin's heart. It probably could have even better solidified Raven and Starfire's relationship at the end of it.

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For a show I love it is amazing that I can still find some things that really grind my gears about it. Not the least of which is the unsatisfying ending. And Trouble in Tokyo did not rectify that. Yeah, the last episode well whole last season really was a Beast Boy episode GREAT way to end it guys Lol I just rewatched this episode today for my roleplay.

Can't wait to see the art for this. I used to have a chat-rpg room on dA for Teen Titans rping. It was called TeamTitans.

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It was a place for official and deviant characters. I birthmark it, titans wanted to be Raven, but someone else asked to be her before I had officially made up my mind. Still missed the chance of being Raven, but then again after seeing our Raven have to fight off every rp-guy hitting on her, I don't envy that part. Luckily she rped Raven teen into Robin, so that was cool. We didn't really have a Beast Boy SolGravionMegazord Hobbyist Artist. Go to my galary and see helios kissing some girl art a school.

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SouthernWriter2 Hobbyist Writer. That was such a pitoval moment in the show, and you've done a marvelous job. Gr4D3s Professional General Artist.

Most awesome raven fanart ever! In Favorites!! Tony-Antwonio Hobbyist General Artist. Idk why I want her birth mark xD.

I know that sounds creapy but it's just to show how much i love it. Glee-chan Hobbyist Digital Artist. Thank you so much. I really enjoyed doing this picture. Maybe One day I'll go back and do another Birthmark Raven picture.

Raqonteur Hobbyist Traditional Artist.