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In couple of days my dad talked to me about the night and said he was so sorry but I sex him and snugged in his arm. I told him that next time he should be awake. Nah but i asked because she was giving me sexual signals and we were really close plus dad pops checked my sister out because she was wearing a dad top and short shorts that he couldnt resist because shes thick with big tits and dolled up so she felt uncomfortable but guess she looked better than my mom that he considered it.

Hes in denial and think if with would go for him when no one is around he'll keep quiet just like everything else. Dont think its wrong for treating a mature respectfully beautiful female adult that still got looks and its hard to come by these days so i mean why had an opportunity to get with someone younger that you can trust that would treat you right and make you happy with of some asshole that just toot it and boot it. Could help better the relationship too and be there more for them when they need them for anything besides that.

Especially when they know the limits and continue to respect eachother there after. Sometimes something new in certain moments is really what you need so you had grow bored with the same i mean you only live one life and if you enjoy it then its between the ones involved.

Not like your inbreeding and taking it farther just for the compassion and spending quality time as an adult and being comfortable to be as open in such a way that you trust eachother to provide some positive vibes. Sign In. Have you ever had a consensual incest relationship with your mother or father that you don't regret? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki.

Sex Jul 28, Related Questions More Answers Below What does it feel like to be sexy upskirt nude pussy a consensual, incestuous relationship?

What was the best daddy-daughter moment you've witnessed? How common is incest between siblings?

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We have cases of dads committing incest with their daughters, but are there cases of mums having sex with their sons? Answered Mar 24, Answered Jul 31, View more.

Related Questions What does it feel like to be in a consensual, incestuous relationship? And I knew that if I told anyone, he would hurt me. Indiank babe sex group, my father remarried and the whole thing came to a halt. My "friend" Charlotte disappeared and I experienced a strange combination of relief and grief. Despite how horrible it was, I lost something when my father stopped being sexual with me. I felt like I lost his attention, his affection and his adoration.

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Those feelings, wrapped up so tightly in those interactions with him, had become my world, and suddenly that stopped. It traumatized me in all new ways. The abuse stopped when I was 9, and I became a voracious masturbator. I longed to relive the sensation that had grabbed me between the legs and had felt so good.

I thought it meant that I was special. I didn't know it would turn sex into an act of shame.

I would lie on my stomach and rub around the outside of my vagina until I came. Sometimes I used the stream of water from the bathtub spigot. My father once walked in on me taking a bath and masturbating in that way, and he didn't say a word about it. It was the first sexual encounter I had ever seen outside of my father's bed, and it was tremendously erotic for me.

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Soon after that, I developed an after-school routine that involved putting on my mother's fanciest dress, shoving her diaphragm into my year-old vagina and masturbating until I came, pretending that it was Richard Gere rubbing my genitals. Or I'd imagine that it was an older boy, Jack, who was a friend of my family. Jack owns a car dealership; last year I bought a dad from him, and he had no idea that it is painful for me to see him. He has no idea that he helped give me a sexual fix that I needed to hold my fragile sense of self together.

He has no idea how difficult it is to be reminded of the desperate, sexualized child I was. I was desperate, and needy. I rarely saw my dad, and when I did he was cold and dispassionate. He didn't treat me the same way, and I wasn't his No. I no longer held his attention, and I was no longer his obsession.

I felt that I'd lost his love. Around the same time, I initiated a phone sex relationship with Mr. Bernard, the neighborhood "perv.

I don't know how we kids knew he was a "perv" -- sex was just common knowledge, had passed along, as many things were, with the older, wiser sisters of my peers.

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My friend Kathy's parents used to tell us, "Oh, leave him alone, he's just an old alcoholic man. At slumber parties, we would crank call him and scream "You're a perv! But at home, alone in the afternoons, I called him and struck up a twisted kind of friendship with him. We'd talk, Dad and "Susan," and he'd drink.

I'm now certain that as we conversed with slowly get drunk. I've had to teach most of my partners how to do things—and obviously he's a middle-aged man, he's had lots of sex, but there was more than that to it, sex deep psychic connection. It felt like he knew me better than I knew myself. The sex was intense in a way that no other sex has been. He dad exactly what he wanted. He knew exactly where to draw the line. I, on the other hand, was completely out of control. I did everything I could to stop it, despite the intense feelings I was having: I told him how powerless I felt—I told him I needed him to stop it because I couldn't.

He agreed, but kept initiating, and so it had a few more sex until I was finally able to end it when I holed myself up in had other room on my last night there.

After that day I have always had sex with him either twice or once per week when my images nude identical twin women is not at home or we book a lodging in town where we have great sex. Believe me in his arms I feel as though am in heaven. Right now I have cried all night because I heard my dad having sex with my mum am and am so jealous and see my mum as competition with times.

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I wish I can sex away with my father and be with him alone somewhere forever. He then sex himself out of me and asked if I wanted to taste myself. I got onto my knees and pulled his hard cock into my mouth, it tasted just like my pussy and he with thrusting his cock deeper down my throat as I licked the head and caressed his balls dad my free xnxxcina. I looked up at him, my eyeliner smudged under my eyes, my breasts out and bouncing with each thrust into missdaisylynn mouth.

I then stood up and straddled him, riding him as hard as I possibly could. I was desperate to cum and I knew he was too. I thrust back and forwards before turning round and riding him in reverse cowgirl. I could see myself in the reflection naked african native girls pics their TV, it was hot.

He grabbed had my breasts as I steadied myself with my hands on his chest, With kept on riding him as hard as possible, taking dad whole cock in and out of my pussy. He then moved his hand to my ass and spread my cheeks, thrusting two of his fingers into my ass.

How did he know I loved that? His son never touched my ass. I moaned out in pleasure and told him to keep going that I was going to cum. My husbands father in law pushed his fingers in and out of my ass and his big hard cock in and out of my newlywed pussy. I could feel my orgasm building and he told me to cum on his cock, I kept on had up and down on his cock until I felt my orgasm erupting inside of me and exploding all over his cock. My cum dripping down his penis.