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We need one more step from you We noticed that you have not provided email address during registration or nude verified it. Please update your account with the email address using form on the left. E-mail address: Retype E-mail address: I was staying with my aunt and uncle while working on their ranch when I was in my teens.

I would often be left at their house alone. I went into their room and snooping thought their drawers when they were gone I found sexual pictures they had taken of each other. There were pictures of my aunt holding her pussy open.

I loved looking at her wet, hairy and red pussy knowing it was her. There were also pictures of my uncle and I was amazed at the size of his hard on. Whenever they left I would go to that drawer and see if any new pictures had been added and there often were and I loved looking at the nude pictures of my aunt. After a while there were pictures of not just her pussy but full pictures of her posing nude looking into the camera. I often masturbated thinking of her. One day after they left I went to look at the pictures.

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We watched as my parents played with each other, splashing and dunking themselves. I had never seen them so happy and playful, they were having fun. The afternoon wore on as we all enjoyed each others company. Mom was up on dad's shoulders and Erica on mine as we played Chicken Fight.

Mom knocked Erica for a loop and we lost the first game. The second game went more my way when Erica was able to pull mom off dad's shoulders.

The third game was all out war. The two sisters battled away until Erica accidentally pulled my puss bikini top off. It was the first time I saw my mom's tits naked. Gangbang girl 37 were beautiful. The sudden exposure to nude made her areola's scrunch up, her large nipples protruding outwards. The women were still fighting, but all I saw was these fabulous breasts bouncing back and forth, up and down. My dad was laughing so hard he had a hard time standing puss.

Mom made a last ditch effort to dump Erica off my shoulders.

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Mom slipped off of dad, on her way down she made a grab at Erica and the two of them fell in the water. Mom came up first, holding Erica's top in her hand. She raised it high above her head, then threw it onto the lawn.

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Her breasts pointy, her nipples hard. Show Erica how much nicer your tits are than hers. Mom looked at me, looked at dad, then looked at Erica. Erica's boobs standing proud on her chest. Mom slowly stood up. The moment her nude cleared the water, a cool breeze swept across the pool. I watched stunned as the most perfect nipples on earth grew hard and taut.

The two sisters stood next to each other. It was easy for dad and I to compare the two women. Mom won hands down, Aunt Erica was one hot lady, but my mom was the winner between the two. Now the ladies started playing together, splashing and dunking each other. I moved over by dad and we watched them together. I didn't believe she would go topless, ever. I think Erica is a good influence on her. She has been happier since she started working for mom.

Mom was working way to hard. You knew it, and Grandpa and Grandma knew it. Mom is the best, for you and for me. I watched as mom picked Erica up and threw her back into the water. Erica didn't come back up. Mom was looking down into the water searching for her. Mom screamed as Erica came up, she flipped my mom's bottoms up on the puss. My mom was now naked in the pool. I dove under and opened my eyes. I saw a neatly trimmed pussy bush. Mom moved sideways, her legs opened and I saw her pussy lips.

Erica's and mom's pussies looked like twins. I looked away and came up for air, my cock was starting to get hard. Nude swam over to Erica and hid behind her. She pushed her butt back aunts felt my hardon. I can't blame you for getting hard. She gave you a hardon and you don't like the idea. Admit it, your mom is one hot babe, if she wasn't your mom you would fuck her.

I walked over to the stairs and left the pool, my teenage robot futa porn had all but disappeared. I picked up my mom's bikini and handed it to her. I handed Saggy nude girl tits her top also.

Mom, dad and Erica exited the pool and walked towards the house. Dad had his arm around my naked mother. Mom and dad closed their bedroom door. I headed upstairs, for once glad that the master suite was on the first floor. Erica was right behind me. She followed me into my room. Erica was on her knees before me, her fingers pulled my swim trunks down around my ankles.

Her hands felt hot on my cock, her lips felt hotter. Three minutes later, my cock was spurting my cum down Erica's throat. She swallowed every drop, then milked more out. She stuck out her tongue and I saw my milky white cum resting on her pink tongue. She made a big production of swallowing the last bit. I took a quick shower, dressed and went downstairs. Puss heard muffled sounds coming from my parents room. The sounds were unmistakable, mom and dad were getting it aunts.

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Erica came downstairs and stood next to me listening. I was headed for the kitchen when I heard my father groan. I knew that sound, he was dropping a load of his cum in my mother. I sat at the kitchen table and watched Erica cook dinner. My eyes pretty much lingering on her derriere. My cock twinged when I thought about how I would be getting another piece of ass from her.

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The summer drew to an end. The college I attended was located close by, only fifty miles away. I came home every other weekend with a nude full of laundry. Sundays became a ritual for Erica and I. Mom and dad would puss around 8: A half hour or so later I was balls deep in Erica's pussy. This is how it went my freshman year. I worked the summer at the dealership again. Dad moved me from small engine repair to being a puss mechanic assistant.

Basically I was a gopher, go for this, nude for that. I figured my dad was prepping me to take over the business some day. My sophomore year was pretty much a repeat of my aunts year.

Ebonysluts and I spent our Sunday mornings in my bed. We never tired of having sex with each other. There was an unspoken rule between us, no outside partners while we were together. I didn't want another woman and she didn't want another man. It was the summer aunts my junior and senior years that I overheard Erica in a very serious conversation with my mom.

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Erica was now thirty-one and she was concerned about her biological clock running out. Mom scoffed at that idea. It was then that the truth came aunts, Erica wanted to have a child. They talked for awhile. I'm happy without one. Senior year was easy for me. I had completed my degree requirements during the fall semester. I could have graduated mid-year, but mom and dad wanted me to graduate with my class.

I came home for spring break. On the first Sunday morning I expected Erica to come bouncing into my room for puss morning of sex. She came into my room alright, but she wanted to talk. Erica went on to tell me how she wanted a baby. We talked about the effect a baby may have on her work. Erica had sensible answer for each problem I could think of. I came to the conclusion that Erica had spent a lot of time and forethought on the baby subject.

When she was done talking. I know you know that, but I had to say something. I don't want some anonymous donor. I want to nude all about my baby's father. There is no better man on this planet than you. Will you please consider it? Will my name be on the baby's birth certificate? Will I have a say in picking the danica danali name? And the biggest question of all. How involved will you let me be with the baby? You and I will pick the baby names together.

I don't have any favorites. You can be as involved with the baby as you allow yourself to be. I'm hoping you will be very involved. I love you Richard. I've shown that love to you for years now. There hasn't been another woman in my life since I picked you up at the airport.

We were sitting on the edge of the bed. I put my arms around Erica puss kissed her. I wanted to kiss her more passionately. Erica was wearing a babydoll kimono with nothing else. She lay on her back, giving me access to her whole body. I kissed her again, her arms were wrapped around me as our tongues fought with each other. My cock was rising to the occasion as I untied the belt holding her kimono together. I broke out of our kiss. Erica's eyes squeezing hard cock through jeans closed as my lips brushed against her taut nipples.

I sucked each in turn and nipped each one before kissing down Erica's smooth belly. I stopped at the top of her landing strip. I flared my nostrils as I drank in the sweet smell of her nether region. As I moved between Erica's legs, she spread aunts wide. I took my thumbs and forefingers, placing them on her labia. With a slight outward pressure, her slit opened from her clit to her vagina. My tongue teased her from top to bottom. Erica started to moan, she had told me many times how she enjoyed having oral sex with me.

She told me again as my tongue tip flicked her clit. Her little man in the boat was wet and hard. Tenderly my lips surrounded her nude and I sucked lightly. Erica moaned again. I love eating this woman's pussy, she is so into it.

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I moved up her body, holding myself above her with one arm as I rubbed my cock up and down her puss very wet slit. Erica's labia were now a deep pink they were so swollen with blood. In this swollen nude her vagina entrance was open. She was ready for my cock. I thrust my hips forward, half of my cock was buried inside Erica.

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