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Yeah, the protective Daddy part of my mind countered, but not all girls practice that kind of dancing… Just as I was resolving teasing put a stop to this, the girls began to unbutton their blouses. I froze. A quick glance at the screen confirmed the suspicion that they teasing mimicking the tape. How far would this go? Maybe, I thought, I should just run away and leave them alone. Meanwhile, the girls had gotten their school uniform blouses unbuttoned, revealing tantalizing glimpses of lacy bras and firm, bouncy cleavage.

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I found it funny in a way, they were pointing twice, and so was I. Then, causing me to pant, they started to roll their hips in circles, and slid their hands across their asses, giving the firm globes a little squeeze, with a strong left to right boom-boom move.

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Dad and DaughterYoung Girls. After naked my stepdaughter how to behave she had a big satisfied smile on her cum-covered face. Nervous about what his reaction might be at seeing me in my panties and my stretched out cropped tank top, I took a misstep. I slipped just as my dad saw me. I fell in the water. I turned to see. My eyes exploded wide as Naked saw my 14 year old daughter in her panties, snug yellow panties, and her loose cropped tank top.

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When I looked up I saw Katie blushing and smiling, then her panties slide down her leg and into the water. She flashed a teasing grin as he stood motionless before stepping out of her panties and letting them float away. She looked down at my shorts. Then back to me. He was looking right at my pussy. Then I noticed it. It was impossible to miss. My dad was hard under his shorts. I looked back to dad and we made eye contact. I blush and grinned, then stepped out of my panties and let them teasing away.

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