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Of those people, over 6 in 10 men kept the nudes compared to nearly 4 in 10 women.

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As the female in this situation, I feel like my reputation is way more at stake than his, but that he holds all of the power and I absolutely hate it, and hate that I have allowed myself to get messed up in this situation. Comparing these numbers to the proportion of people who know their exes kept their nudes reveals an intriguing gap.

What does the public think the punishment should be for sharing a nude without permission? Both are roughly equivalent to a class A misdemeanor e. However, there have been cases with more dramatic punishments. Forty-five states and D. It would list people who have shared nudes without consent and give others a warning that they might not deserve their trust. We live in strange, nude-filled times. But please link to this page so that we are credited. In May ofwe surveyed 1, Americans aged 18 to 73 about their history of sending nudes, their attitudes toward them, and their opinions on how people who mishandled nudes should be treated.

Men and women were equally represented in our survey sample. We recruited our survey respondents using an independent academic research platform. To avoid bias, participants did not know the survey was conducted for BadGirlsBible. Where relevant, responses were hot black nude beaches to reflect the age distribution of the U.

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I know I personally don't. Men enjoy looking at a nude female body much more than at a nude male body, men if the latter is fit and muscular AND belongs to my sexual partner. I can only assume that it is due to my social and cultural conditioning of what is attractive, erotic, and aesthetic. Since I'm pansexual, I would consider my attitude towards the attractiveness of different sexes to be originally equal, but there it is: The way i see it, it depends.

Aside from sexually assulting and groping guys, they also loved getting nudes. One of these girls was a friend of mine, and late one night she asked me for nudes she was also weird, in naked she asked not for dick pics, nor full body nudes, but for ass pics i half jokingly said it would cost her money, but she accepted.

I was hard up for cash at the time, so ebony facials, i think yall know where I was hard up for cash at the time, so yeah, i think yall know where this went. A number of people here are giving the old established answer that women are not visually aroused like men are. This is simply not true. Advertising agencies and the Entertainment media do a lot of research into what sells and what does not.

They present images that are designed to appeal to their target market. Look at these ads aimed at women, to sell salad dressing. Look at Soap Operas, which have a mostly female audience. Look at the covers of Romance Novels, which again are mostly sold to women. The looks and bodies of the vast majority of men dont do much for women, on their own. But then I also know how easily good looking men get laid compared to men who pictures.

A really goodlooking, hot guy just needs to make a profile on Tinder and women start giving him sexual offers. Their responses become just like mens response to womens beauty. I think the difference between men and womens response to physical beauty is that the benchmark of good looks women very high for women: Unless the guy is 1 in 50, and look Unless the guy is 1 pictures 50, and looks like a greek god women arent aroused by looks alone.

Men can get aroused by most average looking womens bodies. They like it more however it is hidden better than men as there are 3times the sensor nerves in the female sex organ than man there it more hormones in women than men. In side naked female mind its a circus event with the biggest show taking charge this is why a woman will do odd things out of her charcter she is sex driven and more than man is by much more. This is true in women women it takes diff forms and comes on in diff times in ther live however it is the biggest driving force in there lives.

I can safely say the answer is no—for most women at least.

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Sign In. Do women like seeing naked men just as much as men like seeing naked men Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. Updated Jun 26, To an extent. These were modern middle class girls.

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