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Based on what we can tell from the trailer, the Sonic movie seems follow Carrey's Dr. Robotnik as he rises to power in the American military after a mysterious energy surge shuts down power in the Pacific Northwest.

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Jim Marsden plays a hog cop who witnesses Sonic breaking the sound barrier, and it seems the the two naked them are going to team up to save the planet. Staying faithful to the old school Sega Genesis games, Carrey's Robotnik has built some big bad toys that are definitely not going to be used for good—and there's only one man who can stop him.

Or, hedgehog, actually. Starring Ben Schwartz as the voice of the titular grungy rodent, the Sonic movie has hedge the subject of revulsion and astonishment for months now, especially after a poster leaked for the film which seemed to depict the Golden Gate Bridge from sonic point of view of Sonic's dick.

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In fact, almost everything about this film has gone wrong so far, with an embarrassing marketing deck somehow appearing on Twitter back in March that quickly cemented Sonic 's status as the internet's favorite punching bag. Back in the '90s, Sonic was created as the snarky, rebellious, "cool" reaction to the cartoony Nintendo mascot, Super Mario. The Mario Bros got a terrible movie of their own back then.

I guess Sonic is finally getting his due, because this film looks like it could be one of the greatest disasters of the modern era.

The first Sonic the Hedgehog live action movie poster is creepy as hell | PC Gamer

Who knows, though. But first impressions? I am uncomfortable with this. I mean, is he even wearing pants? Apparently not: Executive producer Tim Miller said that the fur is so visibly evident because that's what real animals look like, and also because otherwise Sonic would basically be a naked blue guy with wild hair and no, you know, stuff.

It was always, for us, fur, and we never considered anything different," he said.

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Take a look at the brand new motion poster for Sonic The Hedgehog right here! Apparently Sonic's eye s will also be changed to fit the demands of our mundane world. He's often depicted with one goggle-like giganto-eyebut the filmmakers didn't think that would fly in a live-action film. Sonic the Hedgehog is set to hit US screens on November 8,