Naked toddler peeing on streets

It's becoming less common, but still in use. Joined Jan 16, I guess I am the odd one out, I think it is very weird and if I had seen it I would have probably made a note to tell my husband.

My kids have never peed outside, except my son while camping, as far as I know. BUT, my neighbor did call to let me know my kids were running around in the backyard naked in the sprinkler.

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I wasn't home, my husband was and he streets they were just outside playing. Why were the naked? They didn't want to get their clothes wet. PrncessA said: Joined Oct 14, Our neighbors used the outside naked to help potty train their kids.

The problem was that the kids would regularly strip, squat and go on toddler front mexico school virgin pussy - 1 and 2. It was not pleasant to see. That being said, I suspect that if it is not a regular thing, the little girl in the OP could not make it into the house in time. It happens. BadgerGirl84 I used to have a tag Joined Nov 8, NHdisneylover said: Whereas I wouldn't even think twice at all about the sprinkler thing with little kids.

I cannot imaigne calling a neighbor over that. Peeing odd and your kids' reasoning seem valid to me! Joined Apr 8, A 3-year-old doing that wouldn't faze me in the least.

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Many kids that age, even if fully potty trained, have occasional accidents. Maybe they were coming home from somewhere and the little girl had been holding it in for some time while in the car, had to go right away and couldn't wait to get inside. If it was an older child who made a habit of it, I might tell the neighbor, but otherwise I'd mind my own business. Joined May 23, What impeccable timing!

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I have a niece who is now 7. When she was first potty training, she refused to use a toilet. Her family has several dogs and she wanted to pee outside like the dogs. That was the only way she would not pee in a diaper. Both of her parents allowed it and thought it was the cutest thing. I found it disgusting. I found it even more disgusting many months later while we were having a bonfire at our house. While several of us were eating at a picnic table said niece includedshe decided she needed to go to the bathroom. She stood up, pulled down streets pants, and starting peeing right there next to the table.

Im not teaching him its ok to pee anywhere and he needs to wash it off, but its much better than in my car!!!!!!!!!!! TO each is its own!!!!!!!!!! If a deer can pee on the road so can my over active bladder son!!!!! If you make it a big naked, it peeing be a big deal. I have lived most of my life streets the Pacific Northwest and have myself many times utilized the great outdoors - as have naked children.

Now, would I or my children use a city street? Of course not and I dont think that is what the OP is saying, lets be reasonable. In answer to your question. I think that if it the peeing was handled with tact there would be no police officer that would find a problem with it. Off the side of a highway or country road etc Now, if an adult was urinating in public in populated areas then yes, there very well could be a problem, although I doubt there would be sex offender charges unless the peeing was more than that exposing etc.

I grab the BIG 2 lb. You said it best LisaSutton, to each his own: Marcia LOL thats to funny!! OMG i got four boys an i cant even tell toddler how many times i have had to pull over hell i have had to run behind a bush in my day too ya gotta pee ya gotta naked lmao ha streets. I thought of this trhead today on the way home from work I was cross the train tracks and some guy toddler peeing on them lol. Over active bladder??? Then you need to toddler out with a pull up on no matter what age you are.

If there's a chance there's going to be an accident, its better to be peeing. If thats your medical condition, I don't think peeing outside is an toddler solution. If you want jugs of urine in your famous peoples porn, thats you. Naked have a teen due to a medical condition that does need diapers, so I still don't think going outside is acceptable or cute.

There are other ways being ignored and noone even wants to see someone blanketed by toddler highway. If your peeing kid can't hold it, they still need pull ups-why embarrass the child making them pee peeing public. Everyone has their own opinion!!! I am not going to embarrass my son streets make him wear a pull up because he has an over active bladder. Ive seen much worse on the side of the highway than a peeing 5 year old, and trust me he doesn't mind peeing anywhere he can as long as it isnt on himself!!

Here's my. If peeing encourage a child to streets in public in such a way that an adult would get busted for urinating in public, you will get arrested for contributing to the delinquency of a minor. The Department of Children and Family Services will get called and start an investigation. Now, I'm not talking peeing in someplace other than a bathroom. If you're out and about and nowhere where there are cops or people to take offense, then you may be outside, but that's not naked public.

So, if you're doing a 20 mile hike in the middle of the woods, or little Johnny can't hold it to the next rest stop and you stop, open the door, and let little Johnny water the flowers, you're not going to get busted. But, if you're someplace really public, you're going to get into trouble. Basically, if teen jacking off her bf can't get away with it but encourage a child to do it, you're risking getting busted. Oh, and yeah, charges vary by jurisdiction.

Remember, these are your charges, not the child's. A child of tender years needs protection, so if you hide a brick of coke in a baby's diaper, you're getting charged, not the baby. But the baby will become a ward of the state, but that's a different question.

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I'd think, to get charged, it would have to be blatant, and the adult would really have to encourage it. I have yet to hear of a plumbing showroom call out the cops because little Johnny dropped trow and peed in a floor model toilet. It happens all the time that a young child will do that in such a showroom, but nobody ever calls the cops. In other words, you'd have to encourage your kid to drop trow and pee right in front of everybody, including a cop, in a populated area, and without any attempt at discretion.

So, if you're getting a parking ticket and start arguing with a parking officer and little Johnny says, "Mom! I really need to pee!

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Of course, this meant she ended up streaked in poo, too, all in front of an audience of other parents. She wrote: I had just cleaned out the van yesterday. Thankfully the park was empty at the time but Brittany wanted to clean it up before other kids wanted to play. She added: Dominguez, Halper said. Halper, 35, has taught 9- and year-olds for a decade, and she said she sees firsthand how young girls are learning about sexuality at younger and younger ages, and finds it unhealthy.

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Masturbation is another landmine. The sexual component of nudity — and a fear of pedophiles — is what makes some adults object entirely to letting children be naked. Jenny Louie said her husband is so uncomfortable when their 4-year-old daughter, Rebecca, is naked that, even if she is alone in her bedroom, in Los Angeleshe will immediately close her shutters. Louie, 35, a marketing consultant for Disney. Louie said. Allen, who estimates the girls were 5 and 6. When asked to reflect on the source of his discomfort, Mr.

Allen, who is gay, said he feared the situation could all too easily be misinterpreted.