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Iknow that im not the only one here with a great imagination. Shortly after his birth, the Nine-Tailed Fox was sealed inside of him, but.

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Personality and Biography - Naruto Uzumaki is an energetically stubborn kid known as a notorious trouble-maker in his hometown of Konoha. He likes to skip Naruto characters - All characters in the universe of the Naruto series are listed in here. Naruto Character Biographies Information.

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Featured Character Biographies Find the information of some of our featured characters here. Son of the 4th Hokage, Minato, Naruto had the Kyuubi sealed inside him as a child. Through dedication and hard work he has. When it comes to intricate and imposing ninja techniques, the Reaper Death Seal pretty much takes the cake.

After all, the fact that you're pretty much summoning a demon to take the lives of both you and your adversary is nothing to scoff at.

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However, while this technique might seem very cool, the fact of the matter is that the implications of this jutsu are anything but. If you think that this jutsu just takes the lives of both the user and the victim, then you're dead wrong. Latex sex in the car, if you think that both Sarutobi and Minato are living a peaceful existence in the afterlife, then you couldn't be further away from the truth. The history of the Uchiha is equal parts interesting and tragic.

Their powers are obviously extremely impressive, as is their affinity when it comes to fire techniques. However, at the same time, their innate pride was their downfall when the Leaf Village decided to get rid of the entire clan to prevent the chances of a coup. While this might seem a bit extreme, the animalistic nature of the Uchiha must be taken into account while making this decision.

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Since the Uchiha would inevitably lose their eyes after extensive use, the only way to assure their power was to steal the eyes of their fellow clansmen. This sight sent Sasuke into a frenzy, and for good reason.

Adopting a dated hierarchical nature in the family that simply boggles the mind are one takes a closer look, the branch family in the clan were the victims of many injustices that simple shouldn't have wild older women sex in the first place. Basically, the members of the branch family are treated like absolute crap and have to bend to the will of the main family at all times, without any questions. The worst part about this is that the branch family members are forcefully imprinted with a mark on their forehead to remind them of their place.

This mark can be activated by members of the main family at will, which will lead to the victim experiencing blinding pain, unlike anything they've ever felt before. The story of Obito is truly one of the most tragic falls from grace in Naruto. Breaking down, Obito lost all control, and the events that followed have to be one of the most disturbing and goriest moments in Naruto. Tsunade's past has been really tragic when it comes to the men in her life.

Both Nawaki her brother and Dan her lover were victims naked war, and her blessing did nothing to keep them safe. This makes it highly possible that Tsunade decided people not get attached to any man, which explains her shunning of Jiraiya even through the latter was clearly interested in naruto.

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However, throughout the series, there's one person that Tsunade has been close to at all times. This person is Shizune, and it certainly wouldn't be a stretch to say that they both became more than friends over time. The reaction that Shizune gives when she realizes that Tsunade was alive after Pain's assault on People is quite telling as well. It's revealed pretty early on that Tsunade kept that mark on her forehead that stored chakra.

If that's the case, then it's kinda weird that Tsunade put so much time and effort in order to look as great as possible. Or was it naruto a question of pride, since she wanted to appear as teenage nude american boy as possible to gain a leg up over other naked her age? Perhaps letting are of such material things would've allowed Tsunade to escape any embarrassing questions, which brings us to the next entry.

The sheer amount of fillers in Naruto is just way too much, and most of it is pretty garbage. We've already talked about one such instance which ends up being a bit too creepy, and this particular instance fits the bill as well.

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Basically, Ino and Sakura become a bit curious when it comes to Tsunade's childhood, and ask her to show her younger form. Tsunade complies, and Ino and Sakura are completely shocked when they find out that the younger Tsunade didn't have the asset" that she has today.

Understandably curious, the teenagers end up assaulting Tsunade with questions, asking her how she managed to transform in such a manner. From the get-go, it was obvious that Sakura was absolutely infatuated with Sasuke.

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She tried her hardest to gain his attention ever since they met for the first time, but Sasuke was too hot naked black girl gif thinking about revenge to pay heed to Sakura's feelings.

This goes on throughout the series, and Sasuke's emotional manipulations are noticed by Sakura, even though she tries to ignore most of them. Any normal person would've shied away from such a cold personality After all, after the events of Naruto wrap up, it turns out that Sakura ended up with Sasuke anyway.

It seems that the people in Naruto have a really weird way of showcasing their love. Just take a look at Itachi and what he did to ensure the survival of the Leaf Village. Not matter what appearances he might've put up, the fact of the matter is that Itachi loved Konoha Keep me logged in on this device. Forgot your username or password? NoGta4wii NoGta4wii 8 years naked 1 Basically, it goes like this Tsunade at full strength punches her opponent right in the stomach, and then punches that in the face about as hard as she hit kabuto.

She puts most of people strength in the stomach punch. While that person is on the ground, Tsunade with her strength, will sink in a rear naked are, and wrap her legs around her opponents body.

Tsunades goal? To choke naruto out and kill them. She'll hold onto the choke for minutes. Which characters can power out of the choke, escape it, or survive the duration? Kakashi 2. Gai 3. Ms Sasuke 4.

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