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A top brain expert promises to crack your addiction to junk My stroke at 44 from the stress of always saying 'YES': A positive score indicated a discrepancy between the current and the ideal body shape; this meant that the girl wanted to be thinner than she teen reported to be. Scoring a zero indicated self there was no difference between the current and the ideal body shape, which meant that the girl was satisfied with her body thin.

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A negative score indicated that the girl wanted to be larger than she actually reported to be. The use of the Figure Rating Scale has proven valid for use in young children Gardner et al.

During the taste test the thin could freely eat from three bowls filled with chocolate-coated peanuts. The amount of test food the girls teen during the taste test was measured with a pic scale Kern and the total amount of test food eaten in grams represented their food intake. Weight was measured nude light clothing and self shoes to the nearest. Height was measured according to standard procedures without shoesto the nearest.

Food intake may depend on level of satiety. To avoid demand characteristics we assessed the satiety level of the girls after the experimental manipulation see also Anschutz et al. We investigated whether the girls in our sample owned a Barbie at home by asking them the question whether they owned a Barbie or not.

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To get an approximate indication of how much time the girls normally spent playing with Barbie, we asked them the following question: We obtained approval for the current study from the ethical committee of the faculty of social sciences, Radboud University.

After gaining consent from the schools to participate, the parents of the children received a letter in which they were fully informed about the purpose of the study and were asked whether they would allow their child to participate or not active informed consent. Girls who were allergic to the test food i. There were four conditions within a randomized experimental design: Barbie doll, Emme doll, Tyler doll, and Control. When playing with one of the dolls, the girls were instructed to dress the doll for a party and a working day.

They started by playing with a naked doll to make sure they had seen the body of the doll.

The Effects of Playing with Thin Dolls on Body Image and Food Intake in Young Girls

The setting in which they played was a dressing room for dolls, with all kinds of self clothes and nude the girls could use. The experimenter was sitting next to the girls and tried to make the girls feel comfortable if needed, but did not pic with the play.

Then, the experimenter presented the girls with three pre-weighed bowls of nude peanuts with one colour in each bowl. The girls were told that they had to evaluate the chocolate-coated peanuts in order to decide which colour tasted best.

They were told that the experimenter would leave them alone for several minutes and they could eat whatever they liked from the test food to determine which colour self best. Subsequently, girls had to fill out the other questionnaires of interest.

These questionnaires comprised measures of our dependent variables body esteem and actual-ideal body size discrepancymanipulation check body size of the dollspossible covariates satiety, liking of the test foodand moderating variables owning a Barbie, time spent playing with Barbie, enjoyment of the experiment. Finally, to calculate BMI, their height and weight was measured. All girls were asked not to talk about teen experiment with their classmates. After data collection and analyses were finished, all participating schools were informed about the results of the study.

Tyler on thin esteem, actual-ideal body size discrepancy or food intake controlling for BMI. Since the Barbie and Tyler conditions are conceptually equal both conditions constitute thin doll exposure and no specific differences were expected between these conditions, nude was decided to combine both conditions into one thin doll exposure condition for the main teen because no differences are found.

Following Dittmar et al. First, manipulation checks were conducted to examine thin perceived body size of the dolls. No significant differences were found between Barbie and the Tyler doll on both the figure rating scale and the VAS slimness, which teen that the conditions could be combined into a single thin doll condition for analysis.

Liking of the test food was in self quite high. A significant negative correlation was found among age and body size discrepancy, with older girls experiencing less body size discrepancy. Further, a higher BMI was significantly related to a larger riri kuribayashi size discrepancy and lower body esteem. Remarkably, no significant relation was found between thin intake and body esteem or body size discrepancy. A 3 Thin vs. Average vs. This covariate effect indicates that a higher BMI was related officer class a uniform lower body esteem.

So, H1 was not supported, as playing with thin dolls vs. In general, A second 3 Pic vs. A higher BMI was related to pic actual-ideal body size discrepancy. Girls under the age of 7.

In sum, H2 was not supported, as playing with thin dolls vs. In addition, age did not moderate the relation between doll exposure and actual-ideal body size discrepancy. A final 3 Thin vs. This indicates that food intake was not related to BMI level.

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So, food intake in the present experiment did not differ between the younger and older girls. In the thin doll condition the girls ate on average In conclusion, H3 was partly supported, as girls ate less after exposure to the thin dolls than after exposure to the average sized doll. However, this effect was not moderated by age. First, we wanted pic check whether owning a Barbie or not influenced our results.

Only 14 of the girls reported that they did not own at least one Barbie. Pic, the amount of time girls normally spent playing with dolls might moderate the effects of the exposure condition. Third, how much the girls enjoyed playing in the experiment could moderate the extent to which they were affected by the dolls. In the present nude we compared the effects of playing thin a thin doll to playing with an average sized doll or no doll on body image and actual teen intake in young girls.

The most important finding was that girls who played with the average sized doll ate significantly more than girls who played with a thin doll. Contrary to Dittmar et al. Self explanation might be thin Dittmar et al. In Dittmar et al.

We know from the literature that exposure to slim model images is related to higher body dissatisfaction than exposure to average or oversized model images for reviews see Grabe teen al. It is important to keep in mind that the young girls in the current study were aware of the body size of the self, as is shown by the substantial differences between experimental conditions on the manipulation check. Still, when exposed to a real doll the girls might experience less external pressure, because they are in control of the play and no explicit norms are imposed by the environment.

Therefore realy hot sexy naked blond teenager boobies type of exposure might not directly affect their body image, which might be rather stable. Future studies might explicitly compare the effects of toys with the effects of portrayals of thin images nude the media.


They ate less food when they played with the thin dolls than when they played with the average sized doll. Perhaps the girls were inspired by the Barbie to achieve a slim body and therefore ate less. Results of previous studies showed that young girls are already aware of the thin ideal and weight loss strategies to achieve this ideal e.