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We'd like a Latin invasion in our pants! Made with love in Chicago since ! All Rights Reserved. Toggle navigation. Live Cams. Free Signup. By signing up you agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Ricky Martin Nude Brief Nudity. Top Scenes. Lip Sync Battle American Crime Story Nudebutt, gay, shirtless Ep. American Crime Story Sexygay Ep.

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Biography Luscious Latin hunk Ricky Martin is an actor, singer, and author. Nudebutt, gay, shirtless Ep. Nick Jonas. Antonio Banderas. Tom Hardy. WTF is his name?

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Already posted. Good for Ricky! Lucky guy. Is he documented? The very rare sight of a gay celebrity that needs the world to know he has a penis. Too scrawny. Do they have 3-ways with all the women that Ricky likes to fuck? Id rather see nudes of Ricky Martin. R1 Ricky is a liar. During his run in Les Miz his aol screen name was Broadway Bottom. Ricky has to be the top in this new relationship.

Nice Arab cock. Nice seeing that Ricky's boyfriend is intact. That's semi, not flaccid. Does this mean Martin's given up on fucking women again? Are Puerto Ricans usually cut? I didn't know Ricky had a preference for cheese.

R32 So you've never been with an uncut guy then? They probably have open relationship. Fetishes are for anonymous hook ups and rent boys. That's all celebrities do. Ricky will end up becoming another Marc Jacobs and looking like a joke.

This is true love this time. I know them both. This young brunette bbw pics will end in tears.

No matter what celebrities do when they pick a siginificant other the haters going to hate. Ricky has to be a top. No, ma'am! Not boyfriend they're gay and look like this! And wait a cotton pickin minute. Who martin he's Muslim? Did I miss something?

He's uncut; hence, he is not a Muslim. Like their cousin the Jew, the Muslims are circumcised. I think he looks way better now than in the nude pic. R23, I'd rather see Mary Martin naked. Tits afloppinsweat drippin right o'erhead on wires as Peter Pan, she'd still be sexier. Here ricky R23, naked Ricky naked are easy to find Mary Christmas!

Photo shop. Cute face, nice body, but he comes across as extremely vain. Deal breaker. Sadly,this is my policy as well. Oh well, there are plenty more cuties where he comes from.

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Wow R36 you were right on the mark. At the Oscars with his fellow gays. He sat next to Don Lemon so I'm guessing they put all the nonwhite gays together.

R65, because Lucas was born in Russia, not the US. R68 Which one do you think Ricky and Jwan took home to be apart of their open relationship?? A Gays Gettogether: R68 Ricky and Matt but are those other two?

Are those other two what R73? One's Ricky's husband and the other is gay model Jeff Thomas. He has boyfriend " hips. O happy, happy, happy pair.

None but the rich can afford the fair. R74 WHO are they? Ricky and Don had a ricky ole time! Ricky got a boo boo and had to go to free teen kinky porn hospital. Do you martin Jwan has kissed it better yet? R74 There is no one in that photo named Jeff Thomas. Both are hot and have nice dicks. It's obvious. Why argue? If the rumors are right, Ricky has naked average uncut dick.

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