Sex on a motorcycle

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Couple caught on camera 'having sex' riding a motorbike | Metro Video

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sex Grid View List View. It started pretty innocently. Show more notes. Word Count: The guy seats himself on the motorcycle motorcycle usual, and the woman mounts him by sitting on his lap so they are face to face.

She will need to wrap her arms around him and hold tight to maintain balance. If she has rear foot pegs to brace against, the woman can control the depth and speed of penetration by riding the man's cock and bouncing up and down on it.

You don't want to bounce too much, though, or you'll wear out the shocks - or fall off sex bike. This is the best position for the guy if he wants to actually see where he's going. This stationary position utilizes almost the entire length of the motorcycle. The easiest way to get into this position is for the woman to seat herself on the bike and lean forward so she is grasping the handlebars. If the bike is too long, or she's too short, she can wrap her arms around the gas tank. The vibration of the engine acts like an over-sized sex toy for both participants.

Rev the engine up and the intensity of sex rises. Often, motorcycle sex is thought of as the woman facing the man on the bike. This motorcycle sex tip tells you to turn the lady around and go doggie motorcycle. With the woman in the front seat leaning over the gas tank, the motion of sex is natural.

On your bike? Couple caught having sex on moving motorcycle | Newshub

Get off. This motorcycle sex tip tells men to get off the bike. Sit the lady on the seat facing you controlling the throttle of the bike. Stand in front of her or even attempt it from behind with the bike on the center stand. Try oral.


The final motorcycle sex tip is to try oral on the bike. Ladies lay on the tank with their feet over the handle bars. This gives them easy access to the right male parts. Skip to content. Spread the love. Exit Enter your email address for unsubscription. Email address: Unsubscription Exit. Exit Newsletter subscription!