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Doing are martial to train, too. UFC is a brand and a fighting promotion, not a martial art. These sexy showcase athletes who train multiple martial arts and combine them to create a hybrid fighting style. However, those who train traditional martial arts tend to get a little peeved when you ask if they train MMA. Some of us do love Rousey. Some of us are more interested in the other women women for the UFC. Sometimes this is said by guys with the best of intentions. No need to waste my arts on him.

Sexy Martial Arts Women

My response is usually to make them tap out super early in the round, or hit them hard enough to make them think. They both get the technique wrong. Just for tonight? But do I want to sacrifice my own training time and work with the new girl every single time?

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Not a chance. Too often, women are asked to train all the new women who come in. This responsibility should be shared. Guys love to mansplain martial arts to women.

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Sexy martial arts royalty-free stock footage sexy martial arts royalty-free stock videos See sexy martial arts stock images. Body art with gold paint. Fashion style. Woman model portrait. Slow motion. Wood spirit, smoke on the background. Their experience training martial arts have also made them intelligent beings.

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Men love women who are adventurous and intelligent. It could mean anything from creative dates and exciting outdoor activities to deep intellectual conversations. This helps keep things interesting and fun and that is extremely sexy to a man.

Olympian, Ronda Rousey. Passionate people are not common and they often have the most magnetic and attractive personalities. While looking more like a model, she knocked out more opponents that you can count with your fingers. And as if boxing is not enough, she now has moved on to a little bit of mixed martial arts MMA as well.

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Julie is a highly ranked professional fighter and Brazilian jiu-jitsu master. People might not imagine she would care about how she looks but she did a brilliant job in being one of the hottest female fighters in the world of fighting. Who can top that? She is known in the boxing arena as the Golden Girl.

She is a super featherweight from Sweden and has record and a half-dozen Sweden National Championships.