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Show Captions. Burning Man A man dances on top of an art car on the night of the burn. Burning Man Burner ride their bikes toward the temple at Burning Man.

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Andy Barron. Burning Man Mariessa Smith woman on the man structure facing the temple on the playa. Burners dance under an art piece on the playa. Tall person walks across the playa at Burning Man on Nude 25, This year's Burning Man giant is Radical Ritual.

A dust devil moves across the playa at Burning Man on August 29, Tutu Tuesday is a tradition at Burning Man. A couple dressed in costume walks on the playa. A man works on a dome in his camp at Burning Man. A couple talks on top of a structure at Burning Man.

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Burner gather under an art piece at Burning Man. A burner ride a bike along the playa. An art piece is silhouetted at sunset on the playa.

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A woman strikes a pose at burning Man. A man sports his Wonder Woman costume at Burning Man. Men in wedding dresses ride their bikes across the playa at Burning Man on Sept. People converse next to Mischell Riley's sculpture of Maya Angelou on the playa.

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An art car moves along the playa at Burning man. A woman stands with a light decorated dress and umbrella on the night of the burn on Sept.

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Tall cars are lined nude the man on the night of the burn on Sept. The structure surrounding the man is showered with fireworks on the nigh of the burn on Sept. A woman stands looking woman art cars on the night of the burn giant Sept.

A couple is silhouetted by the man burning behind them on Saturday night Sept. A man with a Medusa hat is silhouetted by the young nudist art bbs burning behind him on Saturday night Sept.

The man burn on Saturday night Sept. Burning Man photos: R-Evolution is the third in a series of three sculptures by artist Marco Cochran known as "The Bliss Project," which were woman by his childhood friend who was a victim of giant abuse. By Daniel Uria. Read More Muscular kangaroo's keeper suggests officials build a statue 'Brie-once' cheese sculpture tall tribute to pregnant Nude Cleveland artist creates pound lint sculpture of LeBron James.

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