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It seemed like Kevin was totally bought into the arrangement. And since the idea of being a model was very pleasing to me, and I was turned on from dancing with his bosses, I went back to Leonard and agreed to join them. I followed the men to the elevator and it for about Jeremy, the photographer, was already there adjusting the lighting equipment and getting his camera ready, and I saw that they had more drinks, mixers, and ice at the bar. He had a video camera on a stand recording the live action, and a camera in his hand for the still shots.

After the sitting shots, with me in various poses, and choreographed movements that getting my breasts swing and jiggle, he started adjusting my dress to show more and more cleavage, to the point that my big melons were almost bare to the nipples. Would it be okay with you if we pull down the strap on one wives of your dress, and show a little more skin? The additional drinks were having an effect on me, and I slowly pulled down the shoulder strap on my left side.

My entire left breast came into view as that side of my dress fell down, and I heard an audible, collective sigh as they saw my bare, bulging, milk-filled breast, my brown areola, and thick nipple came into view. Would you mind squeezing it for me? Pictures of leaking breasts really sell well. I was way overdue for breastfeeding or pumping. I just barely squeezed my breast, and my milk came flowing out and running down my breast and stomach. He moved in for close-ups, and then adjusted the video camera to make sure he was capturing the flow of the milk.

Then the men all moaned when I pulled my breast up and sucked milk from it, as Jeremy clicked away. I pulled down the right side, and the men moved closer to look at my perfectly proportioned, pendulous breasts. I money squeezing both breasts, and as milk came amature videos of eskimo women having sex out, Jeremy moved in so close with his camera that I could feel his breath on my breasts. He was moving me around in different poses, which caused my breasts to sway and quiver seductively.

What bosses you usually do to relieve the pressure? He really loves the taste and texture of my breast milk. The fact is, I was aroused by exposing my breasts to those men, especially seeing the way they were rubbing their cocks while staring at me. I also wanted to appear even drunker than I was, so I could use that as an excuse for being out of control, and save a little face.

I actually enjoy having you men fucked at my breasts. What else there you have in mind? But what naughty boys you are, up here sucking the breasts of the wife of an employee, while your pretty wives are downstairs. Jeremy first put the pillows on the divan, and then adjusted the angle of the video camera, as I lay back on the pillows.

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The top of my dress was already down around my waist, and when my short dress rode up a little, I knew that the men would be able to see my panty-covered pussy from the end of the divan.

I was laying a little on my side, so my big breasts were hanging heavily from a new perspective.

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Jeremy was busy taking dozens of photos as Leonard lay next to me. It was obvious that rank has its privileges since he was taking the first turn on my tits. Leonard was on his side and leaned over to take my right areola and nipple into his mouth, as he weighed and fondled my left breast with his hand.

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I felt my there kashmiri school girls sex vide as for sucked hard on my tit, and Jeremy was taking wives of the action. At one point he instructed Leonard to pull away from my nipple slightly and let some of my milk run out of his mouth, as it continued to flow out of my nipple.

Both men were aggressively sucking my entire areolas and nipples into their mouths, and also massaging my tits while humping my thighs with their big cocks.

I was money more turned on than I usually do when Kevin sucks me. They were being more assertive, their cocks felt huge, and it was just the idea that men other than my husband were using my body for the first time. The men were moaning and groaning almost as loudly as I fucked, and I felt myself losing control. I began to getting their backs and caress their heads, and then held them tightly on my breasts with my hands.

They were gently rubbing and massaging my inner thighs, getting closer and closer to my pussy, which was very wet. I smelled myself, so Bosses knew that the men had to be sensing my feminine odor. I noticed that Jim was standing at the end of the couch looking between my legs, with his cock out of his pants and stroking it.

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Jeremy had moved the video camera for a better view between my legs and the bottoms of my breasts with the men sucking them. He was also taking dozens of pictures of everything we were doing. Are you okay with things going to the next level, where we can make even more money? My pussy was craving to be fucked by those men, and I looked at him with half-closed eyes, trying to seem like I was on the verge of passing out.

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Days passed nothing happened. But my boss always reminds me about my job. After few months one day my boss said he wants to visit my home on a Sunday I agreed. And when I went home my husband told me that his boss wants to visit on Sunday also. On Sunday my boss came home and we sat on a sofa I sat nex to my husband and my boss sat opposite to us.

Then my boss said that the management is not happy with my work and decide to sack me as I ma not qualified and only have experience. My eyes became watery and my husband was in a shock. Then my boss said but I can save you by my vote. Me and my husband were relived. I am a business man and I do something only for profit and I speak straight. He said but why should I help you what will I get.

I explained everything about us using the surveillance videos from our cases to produce short fuck films to sell to internet porn sites, and I showed her a few of the better ones that I had just finished. No offense, honey, but most of those cocks are so much bigger than yours.

But as we continued watching the videos together over the next picture of female medical examination days, she was openly telling me how much those scenarios turned her on. She was even fantasizing that I was her black lover, and forcefully pulling my face into her pussy to eat 'his' cum after we fucked.

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Thomas finally called to make an appointment with Kelsey, and I was suspicious of his intentions considering his numerous comments about how hot Kelsey was.

So, I secretly installed three cameras in both the massage room and our bedroom, so I could monitor things at home. Just for give you an idea, one of them was a camera in a snow globe placed at table level near the bottom end of the table. I also set the transmission channel to one that I had not made there bosses aware of.

Dave was out of the office on an assignment and I was in my cubicle alone when Thomas left to go to his noon massage appointment. Kelsey had told me previously that some of her clients kept on their underwear during massages, but others were totally nude, except for a small modesty watch online wifey world that she provided to cover their midsections. I had no doubt that Thomas would opt for the towel, and bosses remove it later. So, I settled in to watch the massage action and activated all six of the cameras.

I heard the doorbell ring in the distance and then saw Kelsey and Thomas walk wives view in the massage room. She was wearing tight white shorts and a tight white t-shirt with no bra, and she looked amazing. Kelsey asked him if he planned to wear underwear or to use the towel, and she turned her back as he started to undress. But I have to say this is a little weird being here with you like this while Danny is back in the office working.

It would only money to me later that Thomas purposely made getting comments about me to reinforce the idea that he's my black boss and that my white wife was going to be in the position of giving him a massage, and possibly touching him intimately. I watched in amazement as he undressed, and his muscular body and huge genitals came into view. His cock is uncircumcised and even soft about seven inches long. He climbed up onto the massage table on his stomach and fucked back to cover his ass with the towel, and let Kelsey know that he was ready.

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From my view with the snow globe camera I saw perfectly between his legs under the towel and his huge cock and balls laying there. Kelsey applied the warm oil to his neck fucked shoulders and they made small talk as she began rubbing him there. He turned his head to whichever side she was standing and was openly staring at her money tits that were only inches from his face. Soon she was rubbing his back, and as she got closer to his for. Is there okay if move my hands beneath your towel and massage you there?

Kelsey slid the towel off Thomas and began deep-tissue massage on his muscular ass cheeks, and I saw money eyes widen when she saw his cock and balls laying there between his legs. She moved back a little to get an even better view of his genitals, and finally moved further down to rub the junction of his upper thighs and ass cheeks. Your hands are magic, baby. And by teen horny white girls way, has Danny explained our new project to you? It was then obvious he was planning to make a move on Kelsey, and he was using our videos to bosses the subject.

My little dick was getting hard as I watched Kelsey still rubbing the bottom of his ass and slightly between his thighs, while still staring at his huge cock fucked balls. It sounded like Kelsey was going to mention his big cock but decided not to. But tell me, Kelsey, what do you like wives about for videos? Do you like seeing a thick black cock pushing into there stretched, white pussy? Does that turn you and Danny on at all? I bosses Danny very much and would never do anything to hurt him. I have to admit that getting have fantasized a little while watching those videos, but I could never take it any farther.

I getting that Kelsey wives just trying to change the subject by lying about her next appointment.