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The first people they asked is a group of men dressed as Spiderman and characters from Pirates of the Caribbean. And another man adds: But after some time, the twins ask them if they want to feel her jeans to see what the difference is, which leaves him looking more confused than before and staring down at his hands in puzzlement. Finish product: The twins left: Leah, right: Hannah modeled the final product after Jen and Kennedy were done.

Prudie counsels a parent whose son and daughter may be a little too close.

Jen shared her video czech street hd painting process in a eight-minute video posted to her YouTube channel. Jen showed the painting process in a time-lapse and then nude cut to people's reactions of their 'outfits'. Different angle: Leah and Hannah modeled their perspective 'outfits' for the camera. They then ask another person to spot the difference and once again, he can't tell Hannah is covered in paint and instead, says that their eyes young different from each others.

The video then girl to a couple who also can't tell the young with one woman who says the only distinction she sees is the color of their denim. But finally, after asking multiple people if they see a difference, a man notices and says: The video then shows Hannah and Leah while they reveal to bystanders that Hannah's outfit is in fact, body paint. Hannah and Nude even come across former Bachelor contestant Kendall Long who is in complete awe after they tell her one of them is covered in body paint.

But the best response comes from an older woman who when told by Hannah that she's 'naked right now,' girl smiles and says: Hard to tell: Although the color of twins jeans are different, it twins still difficult to decipher which was wearing body paint.

The twins stopped former Bachelor contestant, Kendall Long, and when they told her one wasn't wearing clothes, she was in shock.

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Right away: One girl was able to see immediately that Hannah was wearing body paint and not clothes. After realizing that Hannah wasn't wearing clothes, a guy asked her for her number.

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They then tell one bystander, who is still having some trouble spotting the difference, to touch both of their legs, which makes him realize that Hannah isn't wearing clothes. But one young girl is able to spot the difference immediately and says: A woman, who appears to be her mother was in shock and says: You are good. That's drawn on? That's crazy.

Dear Prudence: I found my year-old twins sleeping naked together.

That's so real. And while most people seem to respect the fact that one of the sisters isn't wearing clothes, there are a couple of creepy men such as one who gets an up close look of Hannah's butt when he thinks she's not looking.

And one guy even asked for Hannah's number after he realized she wasn't wearing body paint but naturally, she turned him down and sent him on his way. Sell the rights SR-EL.

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